Chinese Food - Recipe for Chestnuts and cabbage


Chestnuts and cabbage
Ingredients: 100 g chestnuts, 600 g cabbage, 0.500 liters of oil, yeah Jin, 10 g sugar, 15 g starch, salt.
Preparation: Chestnuts boil and peel. Cabbage is cleaned and cut four of the top to the book. The book is not discarded.
Chestnuts are fried in oil until golden, preheat to 170 degrees. Remove them and the same oil and fry the cabbage (stem stays on top). The whole procedure lasts 4-5 minutes.
Cabbage, chestnuts, salt and sugar are placed in 200 ml hot water and stew on medium heat 4-5 minutes. Cabbage and chestnuts are removed and inserted into the liquid starch diluted in water. After a while the sauce thickens, add yeh Jin and ready.
Served in the following way: in a large bowl in the middle is placed a book underneath the cabbage and the leaves spread like a flower. Chestnuts are arranged in the end. Dish pour sauce.



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