Chinese Food - Recipes for veal dishes


Veal with tomato sauce
Products: 1 kg beef, 100 g tomato puree, 15 g soy sauce, 25 ml sherry or vermouth, 25 g sugar, 25 g onion, 75 ml oil, 5 g salt, ginger, black pepper.
Preparation: Cut beef into cubes (2 x 2), place in saucepan and pour in 2 gallons of water. The water should boil, then remove the meat and wash with warm water. Broth strain. Meat again returned to the broth, add onion, ginger, soy sauce, salt, sugar, black nous. Again set fire to boil, then boil gently for about 3 hours. Tomato paste mixed with oil and heat so that oil can get red. This mixture is poured into the pan with the veal and it boil for another 2-3 hours on low heat. Before being presented, sprinkle with Oe Jin.

Stewed Chinese
Ingredients: 200 g veal, 10 g soy sauce, 10 ml of wine or sherry, 1-2 sprigs green onion, 5 g sugar, 1 g star anise, 1 g red pepper, Oe Jin, ginger, salt, chicken broth.
Preparation: Cut beef into cubes, place in a pan with cold water and boil. Remove before it is fully boiled. Then pour the meat with chicken broth, which add soy sauce, anise, red pepper, ginger, alcohol, salt, burnt sugar, put it over low heat, cover with lid and boil until fully cooked meat.
The dish is served as sprinkled with Oe Jin and pour the sauce in which meat is boiled.

Roast beef in Peking
Ingredients: 300 g veal, 2-3 stalks of spring onion, 3-4 g of parsley, 25 g soy sauce, 25 ml sherry or vermouth, 25 ml oil, ginger, salt.
Preparation: meat, cut into small pieces, marinate in sauce made from ginger, soy sauce and alcohol. In very hot oil quickly fry onion, add meat, which has previously drained, stir and sprinkle with parsley. Then cover with lid and place in oven to completely choke.

Fried beef with mushrooms, bamboo and leaves Huanhua
Ingredients: 120 g veal, 30 g mushrooms 120 g leaves Huanhua, 30 g bamboo tips, 15 g lard, South soy sauce, 15 g garlic 12 g green onion, ginger, salt, yeah Jin.
Preparation: Cut meat into strips and fry in very hot oil, stirring several times. Add mushrooms, leaves Huanhua, bamboo tips, cut into thin strips, garlic, also cut into strips, onion, soy sauce, make up and a little broth, and stir everything again. The dish is served sprinkled with sesame oil.

Fried beef strips
Ingredients: 250 g beef, 100 g celery (only stems without leaves and roots), 15 ml oil, 10 g soy sauce, 15 ml sherry or vermouth, ginger, yeah Jin, red chili pepper, salt.
Preparation: Cut meat into strips and stalk of celery - pieces with a length of 4 cm oil is heated in a pan, meat pieces are placed him sixth and quickly fried, and is constantly confused. Pour alcohol and where the meat is browned, add soy sauce, ginger, salt, celery pieces. Everything is fried as thoroughly confused. After 1-2 minutes the dish is ready. Serve as is sprinkled with pre-chopped hot pepper and Oe Jin.

Breaded veal
Ingredients: 150 g veal or beef, 15 g lard, 1 egg, 20 g starch, Oe Jin, red pepper, salt.
Preparation: Cut meat into pieces, marinate in the wine and salt for 15 minutes, then fried in egg and starch fry. Serve sprinkled with paprika and Oe Jin.

Beef with pineapple
Products: 365 g beef, 375 g pineapple (can be used and canned) 1 green pepper, 1 carrot, 2 tablespoons almonds 3 cloves garlic, ginger.
Products for marinating sauce: 1 tablespoon soy sauce 1 1 / 2 tablespoon wine or sherry, 1 tablespoon oyster sauce 1 teaspoon sugar 1 teaspoon flour, dissolved in water.
Preparation: Cut meat into thin strips and marinate for half an hour. Cleaned peppers and carrot and cut into small square pieces. Pineapple is also cut into squares. Half of the garlic fry in oil, add pepper and carrot and fry 5 minutes continuously confused. Pour in soy sauce. Vegetables are removed. Wash the pan, heat the oil again and fry rest of the garlic, add meat and ginger and fry for 10 minutes. Put vegetables and pineapples, everything is fried very briefly, stirring. Serve warm, sprinkled with almonds.



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