Chinese Food - Tableware


Used worldwide knife and fork in China are virtually irrelevant. Chinese in use elementary devices - porcelain spoons and 2 pegs. The rods are made of bamboo, wood, metal, and also of ivory or bone and another with 25 cm length are used as pegs for hanging food.
Hold the sticks at the top between your thumb and forefinger. Click thumb to ring finger.
Then form a circle with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger.
Grasp the other match so that both can stand alongside each other at a distance of 15 mm. Dilute pegs using middle finger. They are collected using a pointer.
One of the great fallacies of the Europeans is that we need to use sticks to eat Chinese as knife and fork, ie pieces presented to high food to his mouth. In principle, the Chinese served dish or bowl to his mouth and help with chopsticks. It is not particularly aesthetically from our perspective, but it is very convenient. And after some practice man convinced that chopsticks are very handy tool for feeding and can be used not worse than knife and fork. When you learn to eat with them never forget that the Chinese people it is much harder to use knife and fork.



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