Chinese Food - Recipe for Soup with dried soy curd


Soup with dried soy curd
Ingredients: 500 ml broth, 300 g dried soy curd, 200 g cooked white chicken meat, 50 g dried shrimps, 50 g bamboo tips, 50 g ham, 30 g peas, 100 g lard, 20 g soy sauce, salt.
Preparation: Curd is cut into strips as thin as a straw, and soak 5 minutes in hot water. Boiled chicken, ham and bamboo tops are also cut into strips, and shrimp - in pieces. In 75 g highly preheated lard (maybe oil) are fried shrimp, then left to cool. Ham is poured boiling water. In the broth is poured into the meat, curd and bamboo, 25 g lard and everything boil 15 minutes, then add soy sauce and salt, boil for 2 more minutes. The soup is served hot in a tureen as a last-minute add shrimp and ham.



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