Chinese Food - Recipe for Mongolian fiery soup


Mongolian fiery soup
Ingredients: 300 g lamb, 100 g cabbage, 100 g spinach, transparent Chinese noodles, 15 ml sesame oil, soy sauce 15 g, 15 g soy curd, shrimp oil 10 ml, 10 g sinhuansko hot oil, finely chopped onion, sweet pickled garlic, coriander powder.
Preparation: Cut lamb into very thin strips and arrange on a plate. In separate dishes rank finely chopped cabbage and spinach. Different spices are also served separately. This dish is prepared in Huo Guo. The vessel is filled with water and then boil it, it placed one by one the pieces of meat and vegetables. After about ten seconds when the meat pieces posiveyat, they are removed and placed in a bowl to eat. So proceed with vegetables and vermicelli, and who also are boiled briefly and put into bowls and sprinkled with a custom seasoning. Finally, pour in broth obtained Huo Guo. This soup is a Beijing specialty.



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