Chinese Food - Recipes for Soups and broths


Soups and broths
In Chinese cuisine is most often used strong broths, flavored and plenty sore.
Of course there are soups that are almost cooked, as in Europe. But in most cases, Chinese soups are prepared and served unusual for Europeans. The official tables when served 26 different dishes, putting the soup on the table mean the end of the celebration.
In China, most often the soup is cooked in special court Guo Huo, where she maintained warm by burning alcohol wick. To broth are served various pre-prepared vegetables, vermicelli, Chao Tszu, and of course rice. Everyone considers what to choose and how to combine with hot broth. So be prepared and the most common, but very tasty soup called "soup of the gods" - in a bowl put the different ingredients and pour hot chicken broth. To soups
usually served bread and Chinese Man Tou, Hua Tsyuan Tzu or Bao.

Bead soup with peas
Broth bouquet
Broth in Shandun
Broth of pork with cucumber
Broth of shark fins
Broth with cabbage and shrimp
Broth with liver
Clear soup
Main broth
Mongolian fiery soup
Soup with swallow nests
Soup with crab and cucumber
Soup with dried soy curd
Sour-sweet soup
Vaughan Ton soup
Vegetable soup with chicken



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