Chinese Food - Recipe for Broth with cabbage and shrimp


Broth with cabbage and shrimp
Ingredients: 500 grams cabbage, 50 g pork, 20 g dried shrimp, salt, pepper, sugar, 300 ml of bone broth, 25 g lard.
Preparation: Cut pork into small pieces. Shrimp are soaked in warm water for half an hour. The cabbage is cut wholesale. Boil 300 ml of bone broth (if possible, make as many chicken broth). Add the lard, sugar and shrimp. All these boil 3-4 minutes. Then add the cabbage and boil until done. Reduced temperature and cabbage stew for 12-15 minutes, then remove, sprinkle with pepper and pour in soy sauce. Serve hot and separately from the broth.



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