Chinese Food - Recipe for Broth "Bouquet"


Broth "Bouquet"
Products: 40 g belly of pork, 50 g boiled white chicken meat, 20 grams of dried sea cucumber, 30 g peas, 15 g bamboo tips, 15 g mushrooms, 1 onion, 10 g soy sauce, 10 ml sherry or cognac, 5 ml sesame oil 1 small cucumber, 1 egg, ginger, salt 700-800 ml basic broth.
Preparation: In this soup at least ten products which are cut into strips as thin as a straw. They are placed into the boiling broth, then picks up the foam and add seasonings (soy sauce, alcohol, ginger). Soup remove from heat and serve hot, sprinkled with sesame oil.



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