Chinese Food - Small tips in chinese cuisine


To be lean meat breaded, fried to the mixture add mineral water or beer.
When frying in very hot oil to put a little onion salt, in some cases as ginger and then add the finished product.
The smell of mud in some species of fish can be removed as the first fish is cleaned of entrails and thoroughly rinse with cold water. Then dried and sprinkled with lots of ginger.
To preserve the specificity of Chinese cuisine is needed right choice of cookware. The traditional, deep, oval-bottomed cast-iron skillet Guo may be replaced with another cast iron frying vessel. Preferred cast iron vessels, because only iron can be heated to the required for the rapid preparation of Chinese dishes temperature, maintain it for a long time. Real Chinese food can be prepared in enameled or Teflon container. Court, which must be transferred quickly fried meat or vegetables, usually glazed. It added spice, unless otherwise specifically instruction in the recipe. And another recommendation:
Soy sauce is very tasty and pleasant, if you add to it some sugar and vinegar, diluted with water in 1:1 ratio and you put and 1 clove crushed garlic.



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