Chinese Food - Recipe for Stewed eel


Stewed eel
Products: 1 kg eel, 100 g pork or pork bellies, 50 g bamboo tips, 30 ml sherry or vermouth, ginger, soy sauce 30 g, 50 g lard, 10 g starch, 15 g of sugar, 0.500 l oil fritirane , garlic, salt, pepper.
Preparation: Cut the eel pieces with a length of 4 cm, bamboo tips and pork meat - the small pieces and finely minced onion. Eel pieces are put into boiling oil and quickly removed. Separately fry pork, onion, ginger, add all other spices, make 0.500 liters broth mixture and stew for 30 minutes on slow fire. Then thicken with starch diluted with water. Before being knocked out by the fire, placed pieces of eel. Serve warm.



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