Chinese Food - Recipe for Pork squid


Pork squid
Ingredients: 200 g squid, pork 150 g, 200 g of stalks of celery, chicken fat 30 g, 10 ml sherry or vermouth, 1 onion, ginger, salt, 2 cups chicken broth, soy sauce.
Preparation: Cut squid into pieces (having first washed and put away the skin) and scald with chicken broth. Pork retail cut and marinate in salt soy sauce. Stalk of celery cut in small pieces with a length of 2.5 cm pork meat is fry in chicken fat, add dashed squid, pour the hot broth with (about 300 ml). Everything suffocates 3 minutes. Then add the celery. Serve stew another 3-4 minutes and add starch dissolved in water. Boil until the sauce thickens.



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