Chinese Food - Recipes for Seafood dishes


Shrimp, crab, lobster, squid, sea cucumber and eel are exceptional delicacy and Chinese people, but without them his kitchen would be inefficient.
Shrimp are used in most sauces and binding in all fillings. They give the dish special, so-called "Chinese" flavor.
In everyday Chinese cooking seafood is prepared in the traditional way-chopped, adding soy sauce, and specific Chinese vegetable oils-sesame, peanut, pepper spray and others.
The heat treatment is always very short to 2 minutes. The interruption of this process, new heating and cooling is one of the safest ways dish of seafood to be juicy and tender.

Chinese crab

Crayfishes in wine

Crayfishes in wine 2

Fried shrimp

Pork squid

Sea cucumber with pork and chicken

Shark fins sauce

Shrimp with bamboo tips

Squid with bamboo tips

Stewed eel



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