Chinese Food - Recipes for Sauces for marinating


Sauces for marinating

Chinese cookery is like an experienced playwright who knows that until the exciting climax of a play can only be reached through mandatory and well thought troubles. The Magic of Chinese cuisine is largely due to the preconditioning of the products. Thereto is included, except washing, cleaning and cutting products, and marinating. Almost everything is boiled, baked or fried, pre-marinate - this gap is almost mandatory for the preparation of meals with meat, fish, poultry and game. When marinating meat yield particular flavor. The Chinese hold a lot of harmony between the different flavors in one dish. And another thing - often in almost instant preparation of the dishes is not possible to put spices. Marinated meat is roasted easier and faster. Even just to soak the meat in plain alcohol, you will see that it becomes much more good taste and is made easier.

Simple sauce for marinating a pork

Marinating sauce with ginger and garlic

Spicy sauce for marinating

Pepper sauce for marinating

Marinating sauce with honey



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