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Sweet and sour cucumber salad
Products: 375 g cucumbers, 5 g ground ginger, 15 g sugar, 5 ml sesame oil, 30 g rice vinegar.
Preparation: Vinegar and sugar are mixed in a deep dish. Cucumbers are washed, cleaned, then cut in two lengthwise and cleaned of seeds. Now cut to pieces. Sprinkle with ginger and the sesame oil. Pour mixture on top of vinegar and sugar and mix well.

Sweet-sour coleslaw and peppers
Ingredients: 1 small cabbage, 2-3 carrots, 1-2 peppers and a hot pepper tszyo hwa, 20 ml sesame oil, 20 ml oil, 20 g sugar 10 ml vinegar, salt to taste.
Preparation: Cut cabbage into squares and strips of carrots, a thin straw. Cook, but not totally, and wash in cold water. The peppers are cleaned from the seeds and cut into medium sized pieces. Chilly fry in oil, taking care not to burning. Salt, sugar and pepper are mixed with 50 ml of water. Cabbage and carrots are placed in a deep dish and pour over them the oil with hot pepper, a sash, O and the mixture of sugar, salt and pepper. Salad mix well and let stand 2 hours. Stir again and if necessary add a little salt, sugar or vinegar.

Chinese cabbage with spices
Ingredients: 500 g cabbage, 15 g onion, 10 g ginger, salt, 7-8 years, 2-3 ml vinegar, 10 g of dried chillies, 25 ml sesame oil, 75 g sugar, 50 ml of water.
Preparation: The leaves of cabbage are released. The stem is cut in two lengthwise, then into thin strips 1 cm wide sprinkled with salt and leave to stand for 3-4 hours. Drained water from the cob is separated and discarded. The bars are placed in a dish. Onions, ginger and peppers are cut.
Preparation: The oil is heated in a pan. Shortly before the boil, put the peppers and fry until dark purple color gain. Add onion and ginger. Confused a few seconds. They pour water and sugar. Again stir a few seconds after the melt sugar, add vinegar. Allow to boil and remove from fire. As cool is divided into 2 parts. With one half pour shredded books and leave to stand for 3-4 hours. Top rank onion, ginger and peppers. Salad decorated with leaves of cabbage, but advance blanched (dashed with hot water), rolled in salt and flights with the other half of the sauce.

Celery Salad
Ingredients: 250 g celery (in Chinese cuisine using green stems and leaves, not root), 50 g dried shrimp, soaked in water, 100 ml sesame oil, 5 g salt, 50 g soy sauce 10 ml vinegar and ginger.
Preparation: Remove the leaves of celery stalks and cut into pieces with a length of 5 cm up Wholly boiling water. Drain and dry. Shrimp are placed in boiling water and almost instantly removed. Add to the celery along with other spices. Once mixed well, the salad is ready to serve.

Mixed salad
Ingredients: 150 g ham, white meat from a small pre-cooked chicken, 1 / 2 cucumber 2 sticks celery (no leaves), 1-2 medium carrots.
Marinating sauce: 2 tablespoons vinegar, 4 tablespoons water 1 teaspoon sugar.
Preparation: Cut ham into strips, chicken - too. On the more narrow strips cut cucumber. All marinate 30 minutes. Celery cut into strips and carrots - like straws. All products are mixed. Pour sauce of vinegar and mustard or soy sauce and sesame oil.


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