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When you think of Chinese food you think of rice, and rice was the first grain that was farmed in China. There is archaeological evidence of rice farming along the Yang-tse River as early as about 5000 BC. People cooked rice by boiling it in water, the way they do today. Or they made it into wine. Rice wine has been popular in China since prehistory.

But rice doesn't grow in northern China, which is much drier and colder. People in northern China gathered wild millet and sorghum instead. By 4500 BC, people in northern China were farming millet. They ate it boiled into a kind of porridge.
Everyone knows that rice is the main food for Chinese people that Chinese cuisine is the importance of rice bread for the Europeans. But their functions, preparation and use of rice in China is very different from what it represents for Europeans. Probably because some rice in Chinese cuisine are accumulated false notions.
First: the rice is too simple and Vulgar food. It is considered evidence that during the solemn and formal dinners rice is not served. In a bold travel guide you will read that to ask for rice at dinner is in poor taste, like you like hamburgers or hot dogs on a sophisticated diplomatic reception. This is not true. First, because there is no simple and primitive dishes - they may only be made better or worse. And pumpkin or beans can create a delicacy that is not inferior to any dish of snails or oysters. Second, why not serve rice in the official Chinese tables is utilitarian. When you are meeting with 26 different dishes, rice as a supplement, it is hardly within the reach of a normal stomach. It can only prevent you from enjoying some spicy dishes. Connoisseurs, however, say for the sake of good digestion, at the end of the formal dinner is not bad to eat a little rice.
Those who want to show that they are connoisseurs of Chinese cuisine, start with the irrigation of rice with soy sauce. Unfortunately, this is a sign that they know the intricacies of Chinese cuisine.
Chinese rice was unseasoned and colors, he is white and neutral taste. It is not just a garnish to other dishes, there are Chinese dishes, which, according to Kenneth Lo can be regarded as a garnish on rice. But most important is that the background of neutral rice meals emphasize its merits "It may soften the spicy, aromatic stress ... Rice in bowl and put it on separate small pieces of different dishes, each with its own flavor and sauce. So rice is soaked with different flavors and is especially piquant.
Preparation of Chinese rice is very different from European methods. Above all, the Chinese boiled rice. It is not fried, not baked, namely boil or stew of steam.
To cook rice well, first of all must be well washed. Wash with cold water until the liquid is completely transparent. This avoids the danger grains to adhere to. Chinese rice is always dry and the grains are separated from each other. Preferably long grain rice.

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