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Recipe for cooking rice Kenneth Lo

For 8 servings needed 450 g well-washed rice. A cup of rice is placed and a half cup of water.
Rice and water in a pot. Preferably be a court whose walls can be heated evenly. Water is a lightly salted and should boil. Two minutes after the power of the temperature must be reduced.
Playing with different force of fire is one of the major items of Chinese chefs to manage the process of preparing food. As they prepare most of the open fire, they did not constitute work to regulate power, although this is one of the great subtleties of the craft of the cook. European who deals with electric stove, it is best to use some heat.
So, if the rice is boiled in the strongest cooker, then move it to the average stove. Cover pot with lid and cook rice quietly 7-8 minutes. Once the end surface of the rice should be dry. Rice pour over boiling water prepared in advance so that the liquid is about half a centimeter above the surface of rice. Move the pan on stove weakest. Again the lid pot - even after 7-8 minutes the rice is ready.

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