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The flavoring is another equally important kind of transaction processing products in Chinese cuisine. In contrast, marinating, which preceded cooked, flavoring is already done with the finished product. Chinese in this technique include the addition of various spicy sauces, pastes and other special flavors like lakritsa roots of camellia, rose leaves, etc. As we know China is the homeland of most of the traditional spices. Among them are cinnamon, ginger, incense, mint, various types of pepper, star anise, tangerine peel, oranges and lemons. Along with garlic and onions are among the flavors. Particular preference to show the Chinese soy sauce used in the preparation of almost all famous Chinese dishes. Anasonat, hot red pepper Hua tszyo and soy sauce are the most common and spices available in China. We should not fool ourselves - this page will not automatically make you a connoisseur of Chinese cuisine. Hard to learn many skills, they are achieved with patience, perseverance and desire, so characteristic of Chinese chefs. You'll miss spices and products. Moreover, Chinese cuisine is virtually unknown. But we hope that by opening us to the world and at home as anywhere, will come true Chinese restaurants and shops that will sell the products and spices, because without them it is impossible to prepare a genuine Chinese dishes. Then, we believe this site will be useful guide for those who dare to peek into the vast, timeless world of Chinese cuisine. And he is really inexhaustible. As deeper penetration, the more discoveries you make. Surprises that await the true gourmet, are endless. Your acquaintance with this vast and endlessly curious world of exotic Chinese cuisine has already started. Enjoy!




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