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Mixture for breading

Fried dishes retain the flavor, freshness and juiciness you. When fried mixture is used, which stores both nutritional quality and form of individual products, although high temperature. The most commonly mixture is prepared from fried eggs, starch (rice or maize) flour or bread crumbs and soda. Protein mixture - made of protein, starch and salt. Used most often in Guo frying or frying with stirring. Dish yields white. Protein mixture (option) - in its proteins are broken down in the snow. The dish becomes snow-white color. Mixture of eggs - from eggs and starch. Meal yield golden yellow color. Mixed with starch (First Version) - from starch and water. Used as a dry frying dish acquires gold-red color. Mixed with starch (Second version) - from flour, starch and water. This mixture is most often used for frying Guo. Fried dish gets light yellow color. Mixed with soda - of protein, starch, soda, salt, sugar, yeah Jin and water. Used in fried food, prepared by dry roasting, stirring constantly. Meals harvested red. fine mixture - it is used for flour soela cottage cheese, peanut oil and water. Allow to ferment for 3 hours and is used in frying Guo. The dish gets golden color.

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