Chinese Food - Recipe for Smoked pork breast with hazelnuts in Manchu


Smoked pork breast with hazelnuts in Manchu

Products: 1 kg pork breast with skin 1 / 2 cup shelled nuts (hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds), 5-6 lumps sugar, 60 g sugar, 60 g lard, 5 tablespoons soy sauce 2 tablespoons oil, 2 teaspoons of leaves bye, 1 onion, 20 ml sherry or vermouth, pepper, salt, parsley.

Preparation: belly of pork cut in rectangles (17 x 13 cm). The skin is cleaned, washed, dried and deep natriva with salt and pepper. The meat is left for 2 hours. Then the pieces are washed, hoping to skewer and baked to a red hot fire. Soaked in water 10 minutes, exhaust parts are cut. At the bottom of a deep pan is placed wire coil, which is poured diced onions on it - the meat (with skin side down), pour a mixture of salt and alcohol are covered with lumps of sugar, add nuts, 1 cup water and lid tightly closed and the container is placed on high heat. When the liquid boil, under fire should be reduced and the dish to stew over low heat for 2 hours until meat is tender skin. In another clean pan pour a mixture of sugar and tea leaves. Place a wire coil on which ranks meat with skin side up. Cover well with a lid so that steam from caramelyzed sugar does not go outside. Heat and the meat is flavored by the evaporation of sugar mixed with tea. Meat yield golden color. After 3-4 minutes remove the meat, place a wooden board, skin side up again, and smeared with sesame oil, cut the 16 pieces that are placed in a large dessert bowl, and nuts to sprinkle on meat debris. Finally - the pan is heated lard, blind to the sugar and salt and fat in the fry for about 1 minute whole leaves of parsley or celery, which is decorated dish.


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