Chinese Food - Belly of pork with shrimp in Cantonese


Belly of pork with shrimp in Cantonese

Ingredients: 1.5 kg pork breast with skin, 500 g shrimp, 100 ml cognac or dessert wine, 100 grams of pure nuts (peanuts, almonds), 100 ml oil, 30 g sugar, 10 g starch, 5 tablespoons soy sauce 2 eggs, 1 onion, 0.500 liters of water. Preparation: On the skin burned and washed pork bellies make cross sections and on the reverse side of the meat - oide deeper. Prepare a mixture of clean, washed and chopped shrimp, soy sauce, sugar, alcohol, starch (half of it) and an egg and it is smeared meat. By the second egg and the remaining starch skin is smeared so that the mixture well to absorb in the screw. With this mixture is smeared and the reverse side of meat now covered with shrimp-egg mixture. Fried until golden kernels are placed in the cuts of meat, which again is covered with a mixture of egg and starch. Thus prepared meat is fried in very hot oil for 2-3 minutes, turns, watered with the rest of the soy sauce, alcohol, sugar and one cup water. Pan tightly closed with a lid and boil the liquid after the meat stew over low heat for 3 hours. Remove and serve with broth. The meat becomes so tender that is recommended to be eaten with a spoon.


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