Chinese Food - Meat Dishes


Meat Dishes

In Chinese cuisine dishes of meat are served separately. Toppings to them also served in individual containers. Usually used to garnish cooked rice or cooked soybeans, and also boiled or fried noodles or vermicelli. The combination of meat trimmings is arbitrary and depends on personal tastes and preferences. Compositions can be several tens of same shall be determined by personal desires. The options must refresh the Chinese people with various spicy sauces. In Chinese cuisine has long realized the principle that modern life imposed in consumer society: "Everyone director of his own television program." As jaded today by the information man, allowed to choose what to watch on your home screen, and lover of Chinese cuisine itself combines the proposed dishes. Depending on the "assembly" of different flavors, sauces and levels in two individual "interpretations" same dish may seem quite different.


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