Chinese Food - Pork strips with hot-sweet sauce


Pork strips with hot-sweet sauce

Ingredients: 150 g pork, 150 grams of bamboo tips, 15 g mushrooms, 15 g soy sauce, 20 ml sherry or vermouth, 50 ml oil 10 ml vinegar 15 g sugar, 30 g starch, 1 onion, 2 g ginger , 10 g garlic, salt. Preparation: Cut meat into thin strips, salt is added to starch, a little water and mix well. Soy sauce, salt, vinegar, alcohol and starch are mixed with chopped onions and garlic, and add about 30-40 ml of water. The oil is warm in pan and in it fry chopped pork, stirring continuously. Add bamboo tips, mushrooms, a mixture of spices and optional hot soy paste. The dish becomes sour-sweet-hot taste.


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