Chinese Food - Pork stew with southern gravy


Pork stew with southern gravy

Ingredients: 250 g pork, 25 g tipped bamboo (or bamboo powder), mushrooms, green beans, 30 ml oil, 10 g sugar, 25 ml sherry or vermouth, 10 g onion, South garlic, salt, ginger, yeah Jin . Preparation: Cut pork into cubes with side 1 cm, which are breaded in a mixture of starch, egg and salt. Mushrooms are diced, onion and garlic and strips. The sauce is prepared as follows: per 100 g of broth, add sugar, soy sauce, alcohol, ginger and starch. Everything is mixed well in a deep pot. The pork is fried in very hot oil. Then seconds fry onion and garlic, add mushrooms, green beans and bamboo tips. Finally put and fry meat and pour sauce. Stir. Serve warm.


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