Chinese Food - Fried fish in Chinese


Fried fish in Chinese
Ingredients: 150 g carp or whitefish, 15 g lard, 20 ml wine, 10 ml sherry or vermouth, 10 g of flour or starch, 10 ml sesame oil, 5 g soy sauce, 1 egg, salt. Preparation: Wash the fish, cleaned and cut into pieces, larger than usual (by a fish to get three pieces), sprinkle with salt and alcohol. The pieces are fried in egg mixture and fry both sides until golden. Then transfer to a hot skillet with a little broth, and add wine and soy sauce. Fish stew on low heat until the liquid has evaporated. Before serving, sprinkle with sesame oil. Preparation: The fish is washed and cleaned, cut to the head and tail. Roll it in mixture of protein and starch and fry in plenty, hot oil. Remove and place on pre-heated platter. In a pan with hot oil is poured half a cup of broth, soy sauce, alcohol, vinegar and ginger, chopped onions and sugar. When the mixture boil, add dissolved in water and starch. Finally, put the fried fish stew, and constantly turns.


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