Chinese Food - Fish sauce with fruit


Fish sauce with fruit
Ingredients: 2 kg fish (carp, perch), 0.100 g pineapple, 100 g apples, 30 ml of fruit juice, 30 g tomato puree, 30 g lettuce, 50 g starch, 25 ml sherry or vermouth, 10 ml vinegar, 15 g sugar, garlic clove, 0.500 liters of oil. Preparation: Wash the fish and cleaned. Its sides are made deep cuts. Roll it be first in starch diluted with water, then remaining dry starch. Fry in plenty, very hot oil. Pineapple and apple cut into cubes, sprinkle with sugar, add crushed garlic. In a small amount of hot oil is poured into this mixture, stir, add tomato puree with vinegar. The mixture must boil. Remove from heat. Fish repeated fry. Remove and serve sprinkled with fruit sauce and adorned with a green salad.


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