Chinese Food - Fillings


Stuffed pork
Ingredients: (for 1 kg of filling): 500 g pork, 20 g salt, 20 g soy sauce, 25 g sugar, 10 ml wine, 10 ml sesame oil, 250 ml of water, ginger, yeah Jin, pepper, 250 g water, 300 g of pig trotters.
Preparation: About 1.5 kg of pork skin patch needed pigskin 500 grams, 1 liter of water, 75 g chopped ginger, chopped onion, 5 g (fresh or leeks), 300 ml wine.
The skin is cleaned and washed inside. Place in a deep saucepan with water and boil until tender in full. Then remove and cut into small pieces. Put back in pot. Add salt, finely chopped ginger and leeks, and wine. When the skin is cooked completely, pour into another container and cool. This yields a pig trotters.
Wash pork well. Cut in small pieces. Prepare a mixture of salt, onion, ginger, pepper, alcohol, soy sauce, sugar, yeah Jin and together with the meat mix well. Add 250 ml of water, cut into pieces and sesame oil patch. Mix again and filling is ready.

Filling of fried pork
Ingredients: 500 g lean pork, 30 ml sherry or vermouth, sugar in 1990, 100 ml peanut oil, 20 g salt, 25 g rice flour, sesame oil 25 ml, 250 ml broth, 50 g starch dissolved in water, 12 g onion, ginger, Ogg Jin.
Preparation: Wash the meat and cut into pieces with a length of 10 cm, width 2.5 cm and 1 cm thick Mix with onion, ginger and alcohol.
Add salt, sugar and rice flour. Allow to rest 1-2 hours.
Heat peanut oil in a skillet. The meat is fried until gets brown. Add broth and alcohol. Allow to simmer until meat is tender. Then remove and allow to cool. Cut into very thin strips. Pour in broth and boil. Broth thicken with cornstarch and add a little sesame oil. Remove from heat. The filling is ready.
An important condition for the successful implementation of the prescriptions of Chinese cooking is observance of a quantitative ratios of the products and instructions in recipes. Never cook Chinese dishes "eye." Quantity of the products most often determined in grams. In some recipes, however, for simplicity, it is given in cups and spoons. When the recipe quantity is measured by cup or spoon (tablespoon or tea), this means that they must be filled with the product and are aligned (unless stated that they must be packed). The variety of cups and spoons is great, because their content in grams is given approximately.


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