Chinese Food - Duck eggs in Sunhua sauce


Duck eggs in Sunhua sauce
Products: 3 duck eggs Sunhua, 0.500 liters of oil, 50 g flour 10 g garlic, ginger, 25 ml sherry or cognac, 5 ml vinegar, 15 g soy sauce, 10 g starch.
Preparation: Boil eggs, peel and cut the 6 parts. Oval in flour. Mix chopped onions and garlic, add alcohol, soy sauce, starch, pre-diluted with water. The resulting mixture is stirred well. Individual pieces of egg fry 2-3 minutes in very hot oil, then part of the oil is poured, and the rest is added to the mixture of spices and once the sauce thickens, it placed fried eggs.
The same recipe can be performed with ordinary eggs.


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