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Swallow's Nest
Large rocky islands and Taiwan live Annan huge flocks of swallows. They do nests from small fish and caviar beads adhere to them with his saliva. This famous delicacy is prepared in the following way - dry swallow nest pour boiling water (which changed several times), until soft and puffed, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Finally, once again poured water and soda. Withering After the weight of the nest increases 10 times.
Shark fins
Shark fins are three types: white, yellow and black. In China, sold both dried and fresh blades. Preparation of dried fins require more time.
The fins are flooded with cold water, put to boil. Once boil 5-10 minutes, the fins are left in this stock for one day. Only then remove, wash, separate the skin and cartilage and again cook until soft.
Shark fins must not be placed in metal containers, because they appear on the yellow spots. It is preferable to use containers made of porcelain, ceramic or enameled.
Thus, two types are called sea echinoderms that are processed by them Pearly upper layer. Then soaked in water until soft. Burned layer is peeled with a knife and sea cucumbers are soaked again. After 24 hours, they doubled in size and are ready for use.
Dried shrimp
Dried shrimp are washed, pour hot water and stay in it until soft. Used for making soup and various
Dried Bamboo tips
The varieties of bamboo are about 200. In culinary use only the tips of young bamboo. Before use, they are washed and showered with cold water. Water must be boiled, then removed from heat and bamboo tips are left in the potion the next day. This procedure is repeated sequentially three days, each time the potion is poured and bamboo tips are flooded again with cold water. Finally, the solid part is cut, the rest is stored in the cold. After this treatment the bamboo tips doubled their weight.
Chinese dried mushrooms
Chinese mushrooms Syangu have shaped umbrella. Grown artificially on the stem of the oak, chestnut or other trees. br>Dried mushrooms are well washed in cold water, then soaked in warm water for 30-40 minutes, remove, and then cut stump. After this procedure fungi increase the volume and weight 3 times.
CChinese cooks usually retain water, which were soaked mushrooms and use it for making sauces, marinades and more. Muir Wood fungi, which are white, yellow or black, grow on dry logs. Dried mushrooms Moore is prepared in the same way as mushrooms Syangu.
Huanhua (buds of lily)
Huanhua wild annual plant is rich in vitamins, phosphorus and iron. Only the buds. br>DDry buds Huanhua pour cold water for 30-40 minutes. Remove them, their hard part is removed, the rest of the bud is cut into pieces 2-3 cm in length while processing buds Huanhua increased weight 2 times.
Lotus seeds
Lotus grows mainly in five Chinese provinces. Familiar home, lotus ponds and Polish. After shedding of the lotus flower basket form of seed to be cut and trimmed of skin. The seeds are dried in the sun. Contain large amounts of starch and protein. br>TThe seeds of lotus are processed as follows: pour in boiled water with baking soda and leave it in 5 minutes. Repeat this process 3-4 times, each time changing the water and baking soda until the seeds are cleaned by the shell and white. Wash with cold water and remove their cores, which boil over low heat until soft. The seeds of lotus are used for the preparation of sweet dishes.
Duck eggs Sunhua
Special Chinese delicacy with a very strange taste to Europeans, are duck eggs. They are subject to the following process: preparing a mixture of ashes of mulberry, pea stems, lime, soda, salt and a decoction of tea leaves. This mixture is spread egg wash, then roll them in rice husks and place in a deep cast-iron vessel, which can be stored for several months to two years. Used to prepare cold and hot dishes.
Marinated soy curd (Doufu)
Soybean curd is derived from soybeans. Placed in water, plunk beans, then chopped, filtered and boiled. This mixture, which by its density resembles cottage cheese Pour into molds, where vtardyava. Then dried in the sun and marinate in soy sauce with spices (Hua tszyo, star anise, cinnamon, ginger). Used for making soups and hot>


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