China Food - Sochama


Ingredients: 500 g flour, 9 eggs 450 g lard, 300 g sugar 300 g honey, 75 g sesame seeds, 100 g starch, 50 g raisins.
Preparation: beat the eggs, add flour, then sesame and raisins. The dough is kneaded well, blind with starch. Since it rolled out a large pancake, which is cut into strips 2-3 cm in length Fry six strong hot oil until golden color received.
In sugar, add a little water, boil, put it and the honey. Boil so as to place a drop of this syrup in water, it solidifies immediately. Sugar syrup is removed from heat and then add to it the fried strips and mix well. The mixture is poured into a deep form and is adjusted. Once cool, remove and cut into oblong pieces.


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