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The traditional Chinese tea is a dessert that is genuine and drink unsweetened. The tea is brewed in a cup with a cap from which to drink. Cover glass is used to remove tea leaves from the side from which to drink. Over the years this movement has turned into an elegant ritual gesture.
The Chinese prefer green tea, but besides him drink black tea and jasmine, but always without sugar. Most often drink with jam or ginger with candied peel mandarins, oranges and other citrus fruits. Favourite desserts to tea or flavored with star anise water are dried, caramelized fruits or leaves of chrysanthemum. And naturally, as in the world, the Chinese eat lots of fruits.

Bananas in honey syrup

Caramelized apples

Chestnuts in syrup

Dessert with walnuts


Sweet cream peanuts

Walnuts with honey


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