China Food - The chinese chefs advise how to prepare china food


For meat, poultry and fish
Chicken, cut into small, straw, strips should be fried breaded;
Any meat, cut into small pieces before implementing rzhi must be dried well and sprinkle with starch;
To eliminate the nagging odor of game, the pork or sea fish frying or boiling, add one teaspoon of alcohol (maybe dessert wine);
If the fish placed in water does not sink, it shows that it is very old and should not be
Before frying chicken, cut into cubes, it is imperative to pour sugar water. This prevents drying meat caused by fever.
Vegetables are fried very quickly and briefly. Each species is fried separately - carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, etc. Separately fry the different parts - leaves, stems, roots. The roots are cut to length, and the leaves across.
The cleaning of the vegetables should be done prior to their use. Otherwise, they lose much of its taste
In Chinese cuisine is most often used leeks, and onions, the onions frequently. In this case, the Chinese (sweet) onions. When the recipe is not specified, then you can take a leek or white part of spring onions. The Chinese prefer the white part of onion salad, and green feathers used mainly for cooking, frying and decorating the plates.
In Chinese cuisine is generally used stalk of celery, not the leaves or co Thanks. In rare cases, the leaves are put into salads raw.
For seasoning
Spices and spicy flavors are added only once in the process of preparing the dish. Most often this occurs after removal of the dish from the fire or minutes before. Yeh Jin put almost to any Sino dish. The Chinese spice that is what Europeans salt. Yeah Jin should be used very carefully - the basic rule is to be added to the dish after it is removed from heat. Since this will spice flavors, but only reinforces the flavor of other ingredients in the dish, some Chinese authors advise the Europeans did not pay attention to yeh Jin, regardless of what is written on prescriptions.


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