China Food - Fried chicken


Fried chicken

Ingredients: 300 g chicken breast, 20-30 d cleaned shrimp, 50 g lard, 35 g starch, 15 g soy sauce, 15 ml sherry or vermouth, 15 g tomato paste, 10 ml sesame oil, 10 g sugar, yeah Jin, paprika.
Preparation: Cut chicken into pieces of approximate size 6 x 4 cm and marinate in sauce of protein, starch and soy sauce. The oil is heated strongly in the pan, then reduce the fire and the meat is fried until golden and received by both parties. Add alcohol, tomato paste, soy sauce and sesame oil mixture and fry 1 minute more. Once removed from heat, add yeh Jin. Serve warm as is decorated with pre-fried shrimp.


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