China Food - Chicken wings recipe in Empress Gueyfey


Chicken wings recipe in Empress Gueyfey

Products: 15-20 chicken wings, 200 g mushrooms, 80 g green onions (no white part), 15 g sugar, 30 g soy sauce, 20 ml cognac 50 ml oil 200 ml chicken broth, salt.
Preparation: wings clean, wash and cut between the first and second joint. Chop Chop the onion and mushrooms into thin strips. Onions are fried in a skillet with heated oil heavily with ginger until golden in color received. Add wings and fry about 4 minutes. Place part of the sugar and soy sauce and fry wings until they get dark red. Then pour into a saucepan, add bouillon and stew for 30 minutes. Wings should not be boiling, so as not to separate meat from bones.
The rest of the onion and fry the mushrooms and transfer to a pan where wings. Add sugar, soy sauce, alcohol, salt. Serve stew for another 15 minutes and serve warm.


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