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Aromatic marinated beef

Ingredients: 1 kg of beef, 100 g soy sauce, 80 g salt 50 g sugar, 60 g celery, South star anise, cinnamon 10 g, 10 g "5 spices.
Directions: The meat is put with plenty of salt and so stayed overnight. Then rinse and put in cold water. After the boil, allow to damaged several minutes. The meat is removed, drained and cut into chunks.
The 2 liters of water pour soy sauce, sugar, tied in gauze celery leaves, and lint-free in another bag put star anise, cinnamon and spices 5. Place the meat and boil. After about 30 minutes remove drag bags with spices and meat continue to boil until it is ready.
Serve as desired - warm or cold.


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